Water condenser

About Requench Portable, Potable Water, Anywhere

Requench have developed a new high efficiency condensing technology. This allows the condensing of potable water from the atmosphere in virtually any environment – providing a fast solution to drinking water requirements in remote locations.

Wherever you need potable water - in a remote location or away from a Mains water supply - Requench can deliver potable water instantly. Requench provides a more cost effective, energy efficient and secure solution than shipping in bottled water.

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Our Team

Requench has an experienced team. The management have over 20 years experience in developing and launching innovative products. The team has specialised commercial and technical knowledge of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning market and has successfully launched patented energy saving products into emerging markets.

Our Mission

To provide instant potable water in the harshest environments
"Portable, potable water, anywhere"